Our Programs

Our Programs

In 2016, we started the tradition to meet Girls Support Committees formed during the Her Turn workshops in schools. Together with the girls, other stakeholders – teachers, mentors, trainers, local government representatives were also involved in programs through the annual symposium and conferences. These annual gatherings provide an opportunity to share our work, find its […]

Her Turn Leadership Award – International Day of the Girl Hamro Palo celebrates adolescent girls and their – power, courage, and leadership. While we celebrate girls’ leadership every day, we want to make the international girls day a special event. Every year on 11 October, the International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated throughout […]

Her Turn is an education and empowerment workshop for rural girl students and girls who have dropped out of school, aged 12-16.

We have launched His Chance workshop after numerous requests from the girls we have worked with.

In 2018 we started work with married girls and adolescent mothers – a group that is hard to reach, marginalized, and at higher risk of violence and health complications from early pregnancy and childbirth.

Starting in 2014, we introduced our mentorship program. The mentors serve as a long lasting link and provide long-term support to the girls we work with,

We are providing education from different soucres for better learing of different problems and benifits available via the means.